Build your backend,

From your Flutter app to your backend in the cloud, Celest helps you build every piece of your application in Dart, all without leaving your IDE.

Future<String> sayHello(String name) async {
  return 'Hello, $name!';

Write your backend logic in Dart

Annotate any Dart function with @cloud to turn it into a serverless function.

class Person {
  const Person(;
  final String name;
Future<String> sayHello(Person person) async {
  return 'Hello, ${}!';

No more toJson/fromJson

Celest automatically handles serialization for you so you can focus on writing your business logic.

import 'package:celest_backend/client.dart';
Future<void> main() async {
  final result = 
    await celest.functions.sayHello('Celest');
  print(result); // Hello, Celest!

Automatic Dart client

A Dart client is automatically generated for you to call your functions from your Dart or Flutter app.

How it works

Install the CLI

Download the Celest CLI for your operating system. Open the installer and follow the instructions to install the CLI on your machine.

Create a project

Start by creating a new Flutter project. If you have an existing Flutter project, you can use that instead.

Then, run celest start in your console to initialize your Celest project.

$ celest start

Write your logic in Dart

All your backend logic is written in Dart using the patterns you already know.

import 'package:celest/celest.dart';
Future<String> sayHello(String name) async {
  return 'Hello, $name!';

Check out the full docs to learn more about Celest Functions.

Iterate locally

A local dev environment is started by celest start. As you build your backend, Celest will watch for changes and hot-reload it instantly.

Celest Start

Deploy to the cloud

When you're ready to productionize, run celest deploy to deploy your backend to the cloud. Celest will handle the deployment and management of your functions' underlying infrastructure.

Celest Deploy




No credit card required. Always free.

  • 3 free projects
  • Cold starts
  • 50,000 function calls
    per project per month
  • 1,000 users
    per project per month


$20 / month

Perfect for solo developers who need power.

  • 3 premium projects
  • Unlimited free projects
  • 500,000 function calls
    per project per month
  • 10,000 users
    per project per month



Manage organizations and invite your team to collaborate.

  • Multiple team members
  • Role-based access controls
  • Auto-scaling
  • Priority support


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