Testing your functions

Testing your functions

Celest Functions you define are Dart functions and can be tested using any of the available Dart testing packages or frameworks.

Writing your tests

Within your celest/test folder, create a new Dart file and write the unit tests for your functions using package:test or any other Dart testing framework. The following code snippet has an example of a test for the sayHello function.

import 'package:celest/celest.dart';
import 'package:test/test.dart';
import '../functions/greeting.dart';
void main() {
  test('sayHello', () async {
    final result = await sayHello(
      greetingUrl: Uri.parse('http://localhost:8000'),
    expect(result, 'Hello, Celest');

Run your tests by navigating to your <flutter_app>/celest/test folder in your console, and then running the following command:

dart test

Your terminal will let you know if all your tests pass, or if there are any failed tests that you need to review.

Next steps

You have now learned how to write tests for your Celest Functions. We have additional guides to help learn more about installing 3rd party Dart packages in your Celest backend, and how to connect to your Celest Functions using HTTP calls.